Diatomaceous Earth Animal Testimonials

These are not exaggerated or made up!


No More Worms!

My cat had more than a dozen worms with each movement until I gave him diatomaceous earth. But after only 2 doses the worms are completely gone! I am amazed that it worked so quickly and now have a much happier cat around the house. Thank you Earthy Health.

Sandy, Chattanooga, TN


No More Fleas!

I rescued 2 dogs that were abandoned and left to starve. They had flea's and worms, and no appetite. My sister has 12 dogs and she orders the DE for her dogs from your company. She gave me some to start the dogs on right away. I dust the dogs daily with the DE, and put it in wet food that I was having to force feed to them. Wow....what a difference this has made the flea's are gone, and I don't see any more worms. I am so amazed that this product is so effective and good for the dogs, I will never be with out it. Wanted to let you know so this can be passed along to help others. Thanks!! David From Tallahassee, Fl


No More Worms!

Our chihuahua was exhibiting black tar light stools and I had read that that was a sign of worm infestation. In addition, she had started dragging her behind. We started her on 2 tsp. of DE per day mixed in with cottage cheese and fresh strawberries and within the 2nd week she passed two (approx 6 in. long--what looked like tape worms). now at the end of three weeks, her stools look normal light brown color, she's no longer dragging her behind and she even seems more playful and energetic. We'll keep giving her 1 tsp. daily to keep these worms at bay. Renee, Arizona


No More Chemicals!

Hi, I just ordered another 50 Pound bag and I have to tell you, Diatomaceous Earth is fantastic!! We use it for our dogs, horses and ourselves. We raise german shepherds and have puppies on it as well. We shipped a puppy to California that was on DE from 3 days old until they left at 8 weeks old. The new owners vet frowned when he found out the puppy never had a chemical wormer---the vet said he was sure he would find something. The puppy was totally clear of any parasites. The new puppy owners also bought the Diatomaceous Earth to keep the puppy on the natural wormer. Thank you---it has been a huge, huge, blessing to us. Jane in MO


Less Odor

I have new young chickens that I've raised from baby chicks. While they were in the house in a cage in my office, I used DE on the shavings daily and it totally eliminated the odor, which was wonderful. Before I purchased DE, I had to totally clean out the cage every day or the odor would drive me out of my office! Since using DE, I only had to change the litter every four or five days. Now the chicks have moved to their new "home" in the backyard, and I use a sifter and ?sift? DE all over their coop and run, and I haven't yet smelled any odor. I also use it for my dogs and I take a tablespoon of it myself every day. I'm planning to discontinue my dog's heartworm medicine and go strictly with DE. Kathleen


Works great on German Shepherds

We got our 9 week old puppy in May, 07. For the next 9 months we fought a constant battle with intestinal roundworms. Over-the-counter & veterinary treatments helped for a couple of weeks, then she would be infested again. I searched the web for worm treatments when I found your website in February, 08.


I put 1.5 level tablespoons in her food twice daily. The next day after the first treatment she passed a huge number of worms. She passed worms for the next 3 days. After the fourth day there were no more worms in her stool. Her stool was no longer wet & soupy but solid & firm.


8 months later she is still worm free. I put DE in her food & water occasionally now, not every day. Your product has eliminated intestinal parasites from her life. Every vet should know about your product.

Thanks from Mike Love, Joe & Belle.


Helped our cat!

Hello, Love your DE! I bought it for our cat who was a rescued cat at a shelter. The whole litter was found in the dumpster at 4 weeks old. On antibiotics from the start. Then when he was 3 he fell out of a third story window and had surgery to put him back together again. And another surgery. Lots of digestive difficulites and on special foods, sneezing and throwing up. And he had a mean streak to him. Now on DE no more digestive difficulties at all and he does not seem to have the mean streak at all any more. Used to hiss around other animals and sometimes people. No more. It seems to be very calming. Also he would get these raw sores by his ears. The vet would put him on antibiotics and a steroid cream. They would always come back. I put some DE in a healthy skin cream and put it on the sores and in 3 applications the sores were gone! He usually hates me to put stuff on him and hides and will hardly come around to eat. Would eat in the middle of the night to avoid me treating him. But with the DE he seemed to know immediately that it felt good and let me do it. Amazing. I give him about 1/2 tsp in his dry food and another 1/2 tsp in his canned food every day.


Works Great on Horses!

I have horses of my own that I have been giving DE to for approx. a year now and the transformation is amazing, I have not had to worm them withconventional wormer since giving DE and they have had no worms. Their coat and hoofs are in super shape. I have two horses that are older-one is in its 20s and he shows no body ache even after we ride for 7 to 8 hours. We also use it on our chickens for mites and it works great. Alison from VA


Great for Horses

I stumbled across your website over a year ago while looking for horse wormers. I called every farm supply store around and no one had even heard of it. After reading about it I decided to give it a try and the results were very good. I noticed the horses hardly had any flies around them and when we would ride trails with others I noticed their poop was not smelly or runny like the other horses, plus they just look good. Also I know it really works on ant beds, it takes just some sprinkles on the top and they are gone within days. I also use it around the perimiter of my house and I have not seen any bugs. I will continue to use this stuff as well as keep telling others.

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