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Much less joint pain!

I practically have no cartilage in my knees and have struggled with pain in them for a long time. I'm so happy I started taking food grade diatomaceous earth from Earthy Health because the pain has decreased dramatically. I feel more free now and hope others will discover just want good can come from taking such a great, natural product. I highly recommend it.

Sandy, Chattanooga, TN


No Eczema

So I am on week four of using the Diatomaceus Earth as far out as that sounds and I can see some real differences - for one thing I noticed this morning that I have no eczema - I had started to develop it on my arms about four years ago thanks to my endocrine system having to fight the constant infection from for one thing my appendix - there is no longer any evidence at all on my arms and I have tried everything prior to this - I gather it is the silica in the earth. I enjoy drinking it and put it in my slim fast quick shake in the morning and keep stirring - no problem. I am pretty sure I am losing weight pretty quickly too and my face has more moisture.

Lia from Oklahoma



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